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Each captain was still absolute master of his or her own ship, but each was under the command of what they had come to consider an Admiral—one who commands not a ship but a fleet. And that one was Hawks.[1]

The Council of Captains was the ruling body formed by Runs with the Night Hawks when several Free Booters joined the Pirates of the Thunder.

Governance Edit

This Council was effectively a representative democracy ruling the Pirates of the Thunder, with Hawks representing the ThunderLightningPirate One, and the Old Guard, and the captains each representing their respective ships and crews. Because the Thunder was the largest, most important ship, and because the Old Guard were the original Pirates, Hawks became the Chairman of the Council and the official Admiral of the Pirate Fleet.[1]

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Pirates of the Thunder Edit

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First Meeting Edit

In this meeting, the Council agreed to go after a ring, the one on Janipur specifically, and to use Vulture to survey the score. Although each captain volunteered to drop him off on Janipur, it was decided that the Pirate One would be the best bet, because it not only looked like an entire class of Master System freighters, but was expendable as well. It was then agreed that the small, dark Captain Paschittawal would fly the ship because he had the most knowledge of the planet, and that Manka Warlock would man the weapons systems because she was the best person for the job. After adjourning shortly as the operation took place, it was also agreed, just before the First Meeting officially concluded, that this ring appeared to be too easy, too lightly guarded, and that Master System had something up its metaphorical sleeve.[1]

Warriors of the Storm Edit

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Masks of the Martyrs Edit

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