That’s Espiritu Luzon in the Center—Savaphoong’s ship. It doesn’t look like much on the outside because it’s designed to alter itself to different common silhouettes on sensors out here. It’s a neat and expensive defense. Inside, I’m told, it’s a luxury yacht with all the comforts of Halinachi in miniature.
Ikira Sukotae on the Espiritu Luzon[1] 

Origins Edit

The Espiritu Luzon, like the Lightning, was a custom job designed to be a defensible yet comfortable escape vessel in times of emergency. Commissioned specifically by Fernando Savaphoong with his vast resources and wealth to contain all the pleasures and security his empire had to offer in a crisis, it is easily the most expensive and complex ship in the Pirates Fleet beyond the Thunder itself.

Technical Edit

The Espiritu Luzon cut no corners. It is armed with the best weaponry and shields Halinachi had to offer, along with a state of the art cloaking system and considerable speed to boot, all without compromising the complex inner life support and luxury systems in the slightest. It is everything a rich man could want in his getaway vessel and more.

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Pirates of the Thunder Edit

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In Pirates of the Thunder, Savaphoong used this vessel to escape from the destruction of Halinachi. After meeting in a predetermined emergency location, he and those who he could gather to him fled the Free Booter Holocaust but were running low on murylium. By calling in his contact with the Pirates of the Thunder, he procured more than enough murylium for the entire band, but was so enticed by the prospect of destroying Master System itself that he pledged himself and his ship to the cause.

In effect, the Espiritu Luzon did not actually contribute a great deal. It instead docked to the hull of the Thunder and remained there the entirety of the book, with its captain and his retainers secluding themselves to it and its many pleasures rather than living in the village aboard the Thunder.

Warriors of the Storm Edit

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Masks of the Martyrs Edit

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References Edit

  1. Pirates of the Thunder, ch. 8
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