Ngoriki is a side character who only appears in the Prologue of the Pirates of the Thunder.

In the series Edit

Pirates of the Thunder Edit

In the Prologue of Pirates of the Thunder, she is introduced after an undetailed battle wherein nine died trying to destroy Val Ngoriki, although they failed. She is hiding in a camouflaged escape pod attached to a large tree, and after seeing the Val beam a full account of its knowledge to its Master Module, she realizes that she cannot escape. Even if she can destroy Val Ngoriki, Master System will simply send one Val after another until she is captured.

In order to prevent Val Ngoriki from killing the twenty other innocents in the next compound, she leaves the escape pod and reveals herself to the Val. They talk about justice and the unfairness of the System they live under, until Ngoriki raises her gun to fire at the Val.

Val Ngoriki anticipated this however, and launched a tentacle from its midsection to knock the gun out of Ngoriki’s hand and knock her out cold. The Val then gently picked up Ngoriki’s unconscious body and turned it over to Master System, despite Ngoriki’s innocence.[1]

References Edit

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