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We are all escaping now, but not to a specific place or a specific set of objectives. Before we can discuss the future and set those objectives, we need someone in charge, not as a dictator or chief but as Chairman, as it were, of a Collective.[1]

The Old Guard were the original Pirates of the Thunder, those that first captured and renovated the Thunder itself. Arnold Nagy and Isaac Clayben came later and were not considered part of this group, and Sabatini was not included because he was a prisoner.

Governance Edit

As laid down at the first meeting aboard the Thunder, the Old Guard functions as a direct democracy, with Hawks as the Chairman and China Nightingale as second in command. Their leadership lasts only until the majority are dissatisfied with it, at which point they have agreed to step down.[1]

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Pirates of the Thunder Edit

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In Chapter Two of Pirates of the Thunder, the Old Guard had their first meeting. It was here that they elected Hawks and China Nightingale as their leaders, and made plans for the future. After coming to unanimous consent, they agreed to allow Arnold Nagy and Isaac Clayben to join the Pirates of the Thunder, and to establish a land base on Alititi so that Star Eagle could customize the Thunder.

When the Council of Captains was formed, Hawks joined as Admiral of the Pirate Fleet so that he could represent the Old Guard, along with Star Eagle, Isaac Clayben, and the Thunder, Lightning, and Pirate One vessels.

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