The Star of Islam is a Melchior transport ship.

Origins Edit

This Assim Class freighter was mass produced by Master System in ages past with its sister, the Star Islander.

Technical Edit

An Assim Class freighter, it is an antique interplanetary vessel repurposed for use by the Presidium to ferry supplies, livestock, and people to and from Earth or Mars to Melchior. Without interstellar capabilities it was never designed to leave the solar system.

In the series Edit

Lords of the Middle Dark Edit

Main article: Lords of the Middle Dark

Near the end of Lords of the Middle Dark, the Star of Islam was on its way to Melchior. Two days before arrival, the soon-to-be Pirates of the Thunder escaped from Melchior on the Star Islander. Eager to prevent the escapees from fleeing the solar system, Chief of Melchior Security Arnold Nagy requisitioned it and the Melchior Fighters to give chase. Once the Star of Islam and the Melchior Fighters arrived at Melchior, the Fighters docked to the back of the Star of Islam and together they went to intercept the Star Islander.[1](verification of citation needed)

Once at the Universe Fleet, the Star of Islam deployed the four Melchior Fighters only to see them destroyed at the hands of automated fighters from said fleet. Knowing they had no where else to go, Arnold Nagy and Isaac Clayben abandoned the Star of Islam to board the Star, later named the Lightning, to give chase to the stolen Universe ship now named the Thunder. It may be presumed that they programmed the Star of Islam to return to Melchior or some other hidden place, perhaps the Clebus asteroid from which the Melchior Fighters originated.

References Edit

  1. Lords of the Middle Dark, ch. 11
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